Dr Ulrike Emma Meissner

I am a professional HR Manager with over 20 years of work experiences, which I have got in three international group structured companies (a leading global supplier of technology and services, a Bank and a company from the metal / mechanical engineering industry). In the latter I was Head of the Human Resources Department for over seven years.
In addition, I am a professional Senior Lecturer with over eight years of teaching experience, which I have developed in three faculties, especially at a University of Applied Science in Germany, where I was Professor for Human Resources Management.

My business skills include:

• my big and optimistic passion for the HR-Sector
• my strong focus on teaching applied, proven and pragmatic human resources learning material with a critical discussion of state of the art HR themes
• my high motivation to educate and prepare students/employees for practical work
• my ability to offer flexible teaching methods
• my professional experiences in International Human Resources Management, especially from Germany, Europe and Oceania

My activities as a practical HR specialist, including my experience as a Leader of an HR department, help me to reflect my teaching work and ensure that my work has a practical base. This also applies to my research topics, workaholism and demographic change, which are all aligned to provide a practical added value for Human Resources Management.

Dr. Ulrike Emma Meißner

Langjährige Erfahrungen als "Personalerin" in internationalen Großkonzernen der Strom- und Elektroindustrie, Kommunikationstechnik bzw. Informationstechnologie, Finanzdienstleistungen sowie Maschinenbau.

Funktionen: Standortverantwortliche der Personalabteilung, Sachgebietsverantwortliche Personalbetreuung, Personalleitung eines mittelständischen Maschinenbauunternehmens.

Betreuungsspektrum: Produktion, Forschung und Entwicklung, Vertrieb, kaufmännische sowie Finanzdienstleistungsbereiche.

Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium mit Schwerpunkt Personalmanagement und Erwachsenenbildung.

Promotion zum Thema „Personalwirtschaftliche Risiken der Arbeitssucht“.

Ehrenamtliche Arbeitsrichterin an den Arbeitsgerichten Bremen und Braunschweig sowie am Landesarbeitsgericht Hannover.

Langjährige Erfahrungen  an Hochschulen als Professorin und Privatakademien als Dozentin für Grundlagen Personalmanagement, Personalrisikomanagement, strategische Personalplanung, Personalcontrolling, Personalentwicklung, Personalbeschaffung, demografieorientiertes Personalmanagement