"If you invest into the sustainable workability of your workforce, you invest in your future!" (Ulrike Meißner)

Human Resource Risk Management

90% of success is preparation! The biggest weakness of personnel departments is that individual measures are planned in the day-to-day life and not the big picture! "Who does not know where he wants to sail, no wind is the right one for him." (Chinese proverb). According to this proverb, HR managers juggle daily with HR tools without embedding them into a strategic overall context. Aristoteles had already realized that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. In order to achieve the "whole" and to define its goal, a basic HR tool is needed:

The Human Resource Risk Management

With the HR Risk Management, you recognize your personnel risks in the company and align your already existing HR tools with them! But: Everything should be as simple as possible - but not simpler. (Albert Einstein)

An example: HR Risk Management und Workaholics

The HR Risk Management is a successful way to identify work addicts in your company. From an operational point of view, workaholics represent a positive benefit for the company. When the disease progresses, the consequences and damages for the company rise up to the existential risk. Through a pragmatic HR Risk Management, you are able to identify the workaholics in your company and minimize or avert risks.